Engraved Bookmarks

We know you could already here those wedding bells. Are you ready yet? “Sure” you say with all confidence. Have you made all the necessary touch ups and last minute details? “To the last teeny tiny item” you said with a grin. Are your bridesmaid presents wrapped and ready? Suddenly you raised an eyebrow, a frown came across your forehead and your jaw dropped. Uh oh. Don’t fret just yet as we are here to help you get your lovely bridesmaids a gift they deserve and mind you it’s something pretty, memorable and easy on the wallet just in case you forgot to include it in your budget. What are they? Engraved bookmarks…

These items are not only functional and elegant looking. They are also highly customizable so you will be able to heave a sigh of relief and they will not look like they were thought of at the last minute! To help you in your purchase thebookmarkshop.com came up with a list of how you could personalize your bridesmaid engraved bookmarks.

silver memento bookmarks Choose a Pattern for It – As long as there is a flat surface of metal to work on you can have an expert craftsman do any design as you want. It can be an abstract pattern or a figure. Just keep in mind that the heavier the detail and the larger your order number then the longer it will take for delivery time.

Put in Names and Initials – If you only have a few days to spare then you can go easy but still classy by having the names, nicknames or initials of your bridesmaids engraved on the said bookmarks. Choose from simple standard fonts to fancy and curly ones.

A Lovely Adjective – If names are too common for you then you can choose to put in adjectives instead. Choose a word or phrase that describes each and every bridesmaid. Make sure that they are unique and avoid any duplication if possible.

Sweet Messages – If you have a little more time then you may opt to put in a short message such as a little thank you for everything or a sweet I love you and I am thankful for our friendship. This is totally up to you. You can make it as simple or as poetic as you would like.

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  • Beautiful Gift-Box with Silver printed description featuring an integrated message card
  • Feather dimensions: 172 x 43 x 0.3mm. Designed and made in Switzerland
  • The quote A room without books is like a body without a soul. Cicero is engraved behind each piece
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Christian Crafts Bookmark with Engraved Cross and Praying Hands Inspirational Lord God Jesus Christ Religion Symbol
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