Design your own Scrapbook

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  • Decide on a size. There are two standard sizes for scrapbooks: 8.5"x11" and 12”x12” as well as a number of specialty sizes. The style of album you want may dictate what size you choose.
  • 8.5"x11". 8.5”x11” albums are the most economical choice. The background papers are less expensive than 12"x12" because they're smaller. You can also save money by buying your photo-safe sheet protectors from office supply stores since they're a standard size. Finally, you can use an inexpensive three-ring photo album to hold your 8.5”x11” pages or purchase a three-ring notebook from the discount office supply store to serve as an album.
  • 12'x12". This size album has become increasingly popular, and as a result, there are more decorative background papers in this size than in the 8.5”x11”. Another advantage of the 12"x12": you can also fit more photos on a page.
  • Specialty sizes. You can find scrapbooks in a whole range of sizes from pocket-sized to those that look like oversize coffee-table books. These styles are typically bound with non-removable pages. They can be good choices if you want to devote an album to a single event such as the birth of a baby or a family reunion celebration.
  • Pick your paper. This is one of the most fun and potentially most overwhelming steps in your scrapbook-making process. There are hundreds and hundreds of papers to choose to make Thin Mints There are papers with holiday themes, sports themes, hobby themes, floral patterns, geometric patterns-the list goes on and on. Make your choices based on what appeals to you or what you have in mind as the themes for some of your page layouts.
  • You can buy your scrapbook paper in packs or by the sheet.
  • You don't have to purchase your paper from a craft or art supply store. If you see something you like anywhere, pick it up. Just be sure the paper is marked "archival quality" or "acid free" because the acids in many types of paper can damage photos and other mementos over time.
  • Buy a bit more than you need - especially of a particular design you like so that you'll have a back-up in case you ruin a page.
  • You might want to think in terms of multiples so that you have at least two of the same design. Some people prefer to use two sheets of the same paper when they create the spreads in their albums. Or pick up the same design paper in two different complimentary colors. For example, the same snowflake pattern in red and in green.
  • Cover the basics. Technically, a scrapbook can take on any form you can envision. Will yours be made from newspaper and macaroni? Regardless of what you see in your scrapbooking future, there are a few basic things you need: scissors, glue, and card.

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