Wedding Keepsake Boxes

Wedding Keepsake Box 1My hubby and I tied the knot this past September and of the many incredible gifts we received was this adorable wooden keepsake box. It is cream colored with our names and wedding date engraved on the glass front. This item was on my registry and you can find it at Pottery Barn:

I was so excited when we opened it because I knew it would be a perfect way to keep and display some fun details from our special day.

There’s a million ways you could arrange a wedding keepsake box, but here’s what I decided to do with it. We had so many fun little left overs from the several DIY crafts from our wedding, so it was easy to find things to use! More difficult, however, was narrowing it down to things that would fit in the box!

It was important to me that our keepsake box captured the style from our wedding and incorporated some our favorite details too. I think it was mission accomplished in the end.

Here’s the materials I used for our box:

  • Dried boutonniere (Nala and Stella wore these)
  • Ribbon from their boutonnieres
  • Dainty white headed pins from my bouquet
  • Burlap ribbon we used throughout the wedding
  • Thank you card we printed for our guests’ place settings
  • My garter (this was my something blue)
  • Our customized cake topper
  • Mini clothes pins I had used to put up photos at the wedding
  • Scissors

IMG_2627Once you have all your items laid out, then is the fun part! You get to be creative! I played around with the burlap/ribbon for a long while trying to figure out exactly how I wanted it to look. Since the burlap ribbon is fairly wide and I knew I wanted to use some items with words, I decided to use the burlap ribbon as my base or background.

Once that was in place, I added in some of the pink ribbon and a beautiful dried boutonniere on top. I secured everything in place with the white headed pins and mini clothes pins. I think they add a touch of cuteness on their own. Next, I snuggly tucked in the thank you card, cake topper, and garter so that they were all easy to see and on top of the burlap and ribbon.

Here you have it:

Here are some other ideas of items to use for your wedding keepsake box:

  • Your dried bouquet
  • wedding handkerchief
  • Your Save the Date
  • Your invitation
  • Wedding stationary; program, place settings, table cards
  • Your cake cutting utensils
  • Jewelry from you wedding
  • Letters/gifts from bride or groom
  • Pictures
  • So much more!

Use these ideas and your own to create a unique wedding keepsake box that reflects you, your special day, and makes you smile every time you look at it!

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