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Jennifer1 Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking magazine a sneak peekAs you know, magazine publishing has been rapidly evolving. More and more information is available online where inspiration is immediate, up-to-date and easy to use and share. We’ve been keeping up with this rapid pace ourselves, and the last several issues of Paper Crafts magazine have been available to you in digital format along with a smaller, companion print version.

With this in mind, we’ve been busy behind the scenes getting ready to launch a new version of Paper Crafts magazine in a monthly, all-digital format. We’re changing the name to Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking, which reflects the addition of memory-keeping and photo-based features in each issue. You’ll continue to enjoy the same paper crafting inspiration you love, and twice as much of it now that we’ll be publishing monthly issues.

I know this doesn’t excite everyone as much as it does those of us on the editorial team, but I think when you see the January issue you’ll understand the possibilities as we continue to grow with this new and interactive way of drawing our hobby community together.

We’ve designed it specifically for the digital platform so it features larger photos, larger text, live links to more detailed information plus the same convenient features offered by every digital issue – you can download issues to your desktop, print the pages you want, share pages or even the entire issue via Facebook, Twitter, email and Pinterest, and add electronic notes on the pages and projects that inspire you.

We’re also in the midst of arranging options for those who want to print an entire issue via one of the many print-on-demand resources available. I’ll be sharing that information with you in the coming weeks.

For now, though, I want to give you a peek at the cover:

Congratulations to Cynthia Baptista (Yay! Birthday card), Windy Robinson (Wish card), and Sarah Andreotti (I Love You layout) for their appearance on this inaugural cover!

The issue will be released on December 1 (subscribers will receive an email notification with a link to the issue), and here’s what you’ll find within the pages:

  • Banners create an instant celebration, so take a look at the clever ideas for adding a mini banner or pennant to your next project.
  • Vellum is here to stay – from die-cutting and dry embossing to stamping and heat embossing it, this old stand-by is back with a fresh and creative second wind.
  • Star chart and constellation motifs are the hottest new trend, and this feature brings you inspiration that’s written in the stars.
  • Die-cutting isn’t just for shapes and titles anymore – use it for masking, negative space, and backgrounds, too. You’ll find dozens of clever treatments that can be used on scrapbook layouts, cards and more.
  • We’re wild about washi, and the Tips, Tools & Techniques column shows off ideas for storage, die-cutting, and stamping washi patterns, plus washi sheets that can be used in endless ways.
  • Simple Solutions for Fast Design – Need quick ideas to break through a creative road block? Wondering how to take your design to a new level? This column is just for you!
  • Stamp It! Techniques – focus your attention on spotlight stamping and add this new skill to your stamptastic tool kit.

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