Instapro3D is a 3D printing service bureau based in New Delhi, and the startup company digitizes objects and does 3D modeling via a group of professional CAD engineers. One of their services is a way to document one of the most important milestones in anyone’s life – the birth of a child, via 3D printed copies of their foot or a hand.

“All you need to create them is a hand or a foot impression, ” Bhaiya says. “The file is then processed and turned into 3D memorabilia and presented to you. Its amazing how you can simply freeze a memory through 3D printing.”

Megha BhaiyaBhaiya followed in the footsteps of her sister when she left India to study at Lancaster University for a year. As part of her BBA Business Studies degree at the GD Goenka World Institute, Bhaiya spent her final year there finishing her studies. She says it was an ideal choice for her as an international student as she met people from all over the world.

Bhaiya began Instapro3D to create “a platform to turn your imagination into reality.” She says 3D printing fascinated her as it allows engineers, artists and designers to apply their skills and leverage the power of design “to give birth to amazing creations.”

From key chains to bike models; from hair-clips to screwdrivers; from an upside-down bottle to an imaginary helicopter design, Bhaiya says 3D printing sets designers free to create products and their work is restricted only to the limits of their imagination

“If you have broken a piece of machinery, you can just get it replicated here, ” she says. “You can make quick models of your product before a presentation – even design your own jewelery.”

She also says this latest offering from her new company includes one element of inestimable value.

“We believe that birth of a child is a very emotional and memorable time for parents, and freezing a part of this memory for them would be priceless, ” she says. “Thanks to 3D printing, doing this is absolutely simplified.”


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