Scrapbooking Themes

An Ocean Vow by Eric Erickson

As beginners, you’ll need lots of ideas for scrapbooking pages. As your mind draws a blank, how are you supposed to come up with scrapable ideas for your pages?

Well, I used to be in your shoes too when I was starting out. I also used to think that I don’t have ideas on topics that I could scrapbook about, and I wasn’t sure what I can include in my layouts.

You can rest assured that there are plentiful of ideas you can use in your pages! It’s more of a matter of what you’ll like to scrapbook about.

To kick start your thinking cap, on this page I’ve listed three lists of scrapbook ideas you can use in your pages:

  1. List of popular themes.
  2. List of favorites, interests, hobbies or special occasions.
  3. List of Ideas from mementos you’ve carefully saved up over the years.

Popular Themes

Here’s some common themes that scrapbookers like to include in their albums. You can pick up an idea here and try scrapping on it.

Favorites/ Interests/ Hobbies/ Special Occasions

This list of ideas for scrapbooking pages is in no way all-inclusive. It’s meant to be your bouncing pad to better ideas:

  • Art and Craft Scrapbook
  • Award Presentations Scrapbook
  • Big Move from State to State
  • ScrapbookBirthday Cakes Scrapbook
  • Birthday Gifts Scrapbook
  • Book Club Scrapbook
  • Card Making Scrapbook
  • Chocolates and Cakes Scrapbook
  • Collector’s Scrapbook
  • Concert/Theatre Scrapbook
  • Fan Club Scrapbook
  • Fashion and Style Scrapbook
  • Favorite Actors/Actresses Scrapbook
  • Favorite Gifts Scrapbook
  • Favorite Movies/TV ShowsScrapbook
  • Favorite Photos Scrapbook
  • Favorite Things Scrapbook
  • Favorite Toys Scrapbook
  • Festivals Scrapbook
  • Fun and Frolics Scrapbook
  • Gardening Scrapbook
  • Hangout Places Scrapbook
  • Hobby Scrapbook
  • New Home Scrapbook
  • New Job Scrapbook
  • Party/Dinner Scrapbook
  • Pregnancy Scrapbook
  • Reading Scrapbook
  • Recipes Scrapbook
  • Restaurant Scrapbook
  • Romantic Keepsake Scrapbook
  • School Plays Scrapbook
  • School Sports Scrapbook
  • Valentines Scrapbook
  • Young Artist Scrapbook
  • Young Baseball Player Scrapbook
  • Young Soccer Player Scrapbook

So on and so forth.

So you see, it’s really up to your own imagination. You may have very different hobbies and experiences from others. Capitalize on your uniqueness and turn it into unusual ideas for your scrapbooking pages.

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