Create your Own Scrapbook

MarchGB1 copyPocket Page scrapbooking is a really big deal these days. And each month you can get your own exclusive Gossamer Blue pocket page scrapbooking card inserts with our Life Pages kits and add-ons.

But what about the times when you just don’t have the right one in your stash that you’re looking for? Well, it’s very simple and easy to whip up your own in no time at all. I’m going to share some fun and easy ways to create your own Life Pages cards to perfectly coordinate with the theme and /or color scheme of your page.


MarchGB2 copyEach month the Gossamer Blue kits include an exclusive stamp set. And many times these are perfect for making Life Pages cards.
Here I used just one of the stamps from the Life Pages kit stamp set and stamped it multiple times to cover my entire card. I use a different color ink on two lines for a little interest and added some cute little enamel hearts. Easy peasy, right? This is a great way to stretch those smaller stamps a little further too. This is only one of the stamps from the set, so you could repeat this idea with all the other stamps in the set, or come up with other ways to use them on your life Pages cards.


This is probably my very favorite way to make my own Life Pages cards. I love watercoloring, and making a fun watercolor card to add to your album is so simple and fun.
I pressed an ink pad onto my acrylic stamping block, then used a wet paint brush to brush it onto a 3”x4” piece of watercolor paper that I had already made wet with my paint brush. You can watercolor onto a dry piece of paper, but I wanted an ombre look, and the wet paper helps the watercolors to move across the paper better.

After my watercolors were dry, I added a little stamping on the lighter section of the card.

But don’t waste the excess ink you have on your acrylic block! All that wet, blotchy ink is perfect for smooshing onto another card to make another water color effect.

Make sure the inks are nice and wet. Spritz your block with a little more water if you need to. The more water you use, the less vibrant your inks will be. But don’t use too much, or you’ll just have a wet mess. You want just enough water to cause the inks to be able to move around on the paper.MarchGB4 You can also dry the paper with your heat gun and then smoosh it into the ink again. Do it as many times as you like until you achieve the desired results. The fun thing about this effect is that you really have no idea how it will turn out. It’s always a surprise.


Pull out some of your large brush or calligraphy pens and hand write the perfect phrase on your Life Pages card. You may want to practice first on a scrap piece of paper, but this is a fun way to add a personal and unique element to your album.

MarchGB3 copy MarchGB5 March GB6 MarchGB7

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